Lizzie Snoopes in Dystopia


July 12, 2020 Alice Wickham and Joanne Ruocco Season 1
Lizzie Snoopes in Dystopia
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TRAILERS from 1 & 2
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Lizzie Snoopes is in a dystopian field of existence in the multiverse.

Featuring the vocals of:

  • Sarah Lockett
  • Joe Purcell
  • Joanne Ruocco
  • Alice Wickham
  • Joe Purcell
  • Andy Chaplin
  • Anthony Sena
  • Janet Motenko

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  • Intro music 'Five Minutes With You' by Shak Cohen
  • Intro music 'Plastic Faces' by Joanne Ruocco
  • Intro music 'Ali's Lounge' by Alice Frances
  • Original Cover Art : Steven Reynolds
  • Copyright Purcell Press

Lizzie, Millie, Reggie and Dolly  still being detained in an underground bunker in the dark depths of hidden London. The four of them anxiously await news of their release. Lizzie must get out to visit her niece Megan who is residing in an underfunded children's home in Hackney. In this episode, Lizzie is questioned by the controller and Reggie hatches a plan for their escape.

Sam  0:48 
Get in there quick. Don't keep in waiting, will you?

Controller and Lizzie 0:53 
Please relax, sit have just some few more questions and you'll be on your watch.
You said that before. Look, Mr. Controller. Why we're still here ? Is against civil rights.

Controller  1:06 
What is that? Yes, I see.

Controller  1:09 
You're mentioned it in your complaint.

Colonel Reggie  1:11 
He who holds the key holds our destiny in the palm of his hand. Or does that the other way round?

Reggie  1:25 
Because the poor fellows broke after it all, how much can he earn for sitting on his arm? scouring the World Wide Web?

Lizzie  and Millie 1:34 
You'd be surprised I know a girl who lives like an Arab princess and all she does is answer the phone now and again up in Mayfair. She's got legs up to her armpit.  And she knows how to use them and all, ha ha ha.

Reggie  1:46 
Therein lies the answer.

Lizzie  1:48 
What's that then?

Reggie  1:50 
Lucre My dear good old Lucre.

Lizzie and Dolly 1:55 
Nothing wrong with Lucre. You don't get far without it. Gotta have  money honey.  Don't involve us.  Millie and I are going home tomorrow. The controller said so.

Reggie  2:03 
Most unedifying you to have a better chance of winning the lottery

Prime Minister Spode  2:09 
Sans delay! And in the coming week we will be distributing the mega mega to schools, hospitals, care homes and around the country children's care homes that I can say with absolute certainty we will defeat (blah blah )